Thursday, September 27, 2012

                                How To Make Vesak Lantern

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Today my topic is VESAK lantern

O.K. We will make  a VESAK lantern

Before that, I would like to introduce about Vesak festival.

This festival is religious & traditional ceremony. The Buddhist people celebrate this Vesak festival every May. Specially, Sri Lankan people celebrate this ceremony with colourful processions. And also some Buddhist people arrange Arms Giving. It called “DANSALA”.  Many people go there.  Not only Buddhist people ,but  other people also visit “DANSALA”.  By the way some Buddhist  people observe Sill  this day. Each children and adults like to make Vesak lantern . So they collect materials  to make it. Majority of them bring Bamboo trees as main materials. Some of them like to make it using other materials. However, they can make beautiful Vesak lanterns. Evening of this day, they hang the lanterns on the rope and it is fixed on the roof. Finally, they enlighten the Vesak lanterns with happy faces. 

I think you want to make such a Vesak lantern. It’s simple.

O.K. Are you ready...?….Get Ready,
                         1.  On your mark.
                         2.  Get set
                         3.  Go!

               Method Of Making VESAK Lantern

     1.    First of all, you must provide 24 sticks. ( All sticks should be same”25cm”)  
   2.  Then take 4 sticks and look at the following figure. You must tie tightly every stick. 
(1) Follow the picture

]   3.     Now you can see square. Then take other sticks and make         
         squares according to above figure.
     4. Now you have 6 squares.    
        O.K. let’s see next is what?
    5.Take two squares. According to following figure, tie one of                       
      corners of both squares. (not tightly)                                                                            
       I have pointed out in this pic. With RED colour.
     6. Then take another three squares and tie them according to  
         following figure.

7.  I mentioned some points on the picture with GREEN colour. Can you see it?

      O.K. Tie those points together.

8. Finally, take another square and complete the skeleton of the lantern. Look at the following figure. I think you can understand it.

    I suppose you are able to finish the skeleton of VESAK lantern.

    Now we have a great task.
     a)   You must provide various colour tissue papers. But in my case I    
          like to use one colour tissue papers.
     By the way, you can choose according to your wish.
    b)  Please cut the tissue papers according to the size of squares and 
        other spaces.
    c)   Then paste them and cover the lantern.

   P.S.: Don’t paste any tissue papers on the top and bottom squares. 
   They must be empty.
   d)  Then you can cut long paper strap.
   e)   Paste them on the borders.
   f)     Then take various colour papers and you can cut them according 
      to the shape of rectangle.

  Now look at the below figure.
   g)   Apply gum and paste them according to following picture.

   h)  After applying gum, you can paste it on border of the bottom 
   So you can see your creation like this picture.
   i)   Now you want a rope to hang the lantern on the roof. So you must 
      take a rope or wire then you can tie the lantern.
   j)   Finally hang the lantern on the roof.

Well done! You did a nice creation. And also you can put the bulb inside the VESAK lantern.

Enjoy lot!

I wish your comments.

Thank you!

See you later with another activity.